whiskey kitchen


oh haaiiiiii! here’s a bit of weekend eats…

I’m def not a person who wakes up starving, it takes me awhile to get hungry/hangry. First thing in the morning is lots of water and then…coffee…duhhh.

BRUNCH… EGGYS and ‘WHITE TRASH HASH’ with a side of blood orange mimosa

photo 2

some delish tuna & avocado for lunch…wakami salad/avocado/jalapeños/cucumber/pickled ginger…it was perf

photo 1

and a delish salad for dinner…roasted chicken, dates, avocado, tomatoes,
corn, goat cheese, almonds with champagne
vinaigrette…ended up taking some home and then eating is later. was. so. good.

photo 3

I’m so different with my eats everyday. Sometimes I eat meals and some days I just snack and graze all day…weirdo.


Superbowl Weekend

Last weekend my dad and stepmom came to visit me! We had a BLAST! I wish they could of stayed longer, but next time….

They flew in on Friday, and arrived around 6pm and were hungry! We ate dinner at Savarino’s Cucina since we had seen it on Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives. Everything was soooo good. It’s a small little place, but I recommend it because of all the homemade food.

Saturday we hit up Whiskey Kitchen, Frothy Monkey and Burger Up, some of my favorite places in Nashville. They loved everything as much as I do (you may see my review of Whiskey Kitchen here).

Whiskey Kitchen consisted of Bloody Mary’s, salad, sweet potato fries and grits at 11am 😉

Next, we hit up the Green Hills Mall to walk around a bit and pick up a birthday present. It was pretty rainy the whole day, so we tried to make the best of it.

After shopping we needed a litte pick-me-up, so I took them to Frothy Monkey for some coffee. I LOVE this place, good coffee and atmosphere. We sat outside for a couple hours and chatted before we headed to dinner. My family can sit and talk for HOURS over drinks and food.

We arrived at Burger Up around 5:00pm since this place is ALWAYS BUSY and always a line. Burger Up is owned by the same lady as Frothy Monkey and known for serving local fare and being a community driven place.

We only had to wait about 20 minutes so we ordered drinks at the bar. Beer for dad, Ginger-Pear martini for Lisa and Cava for me. Dinner consisted of…

Dad ordering their classic Woodstock Burger (benton’s bacon, tennessee sweetwater white cheddar,jack daniels maple ketchup).

 I ordered the Bison Burger (white cheddar, fried red onion and jalapenos, romaine, tomato and honey dijon aioli).

Lisa ordered the Marathon Burger (quinoa and black bean burger, lettuce, tomato,red onion, cilantro lime crème fraiche) and we all shared fries.

Oh my goodness, everything was just as good as I remember, and my parent’s loved it too. We chatted and enjoyed each other’s company until 7:30p then headed in for the night. BIG GAME DAY ON SUNDAY! GO GIANTS!


Whiskey Kitchen Review

I absolutely LOVE Whiskey Kitchen in The Gulch area of Nashville, TN. It is described as a ‘tavern-chic spot that serves up gourmet pub fare, an extensive spirits menu in a stylish, lively environment”, and they offer lunch, dinner, a late night menu and extensive drink options (lots of Whiskey!). They are a part of MStreet, which includes Virago, Kayne Prime, Whiskey Kitchen and Tavern in Nashville, TN.

I have been to Whiskey Kitchen so many times, and I have never had one bad experience. The bartenders, especially Riley and Mike, are awesome, friendly and make it fun. I tend to dine there on Tuesdays, which are 2 for 1 drinks. Last night my 2 for 1 drink of choice was a glass of Pinot Grigio, and Justin had a New Fashioned (Old Forester Bourbon with apples and cinnamon), which is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned. They soak their cherries in bourbon for a week! So good.


We shared their spinach and artichoke dip (fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, 5 artisan Tennessee cheese). It was so good!  I know, not so healthy, but it’s all about balance and it was needed!

I have tried many dishes at Whiskey Kitchen, including Steak Frites, Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries, Triple Dip, Nacho Nirvana, The Aristocrat chicken wings, Rocket Salad, Kayne Prime burger any many other bites of friends meals. The only downside is that this place can get SUPER BUSY. If you arrive after 5p you will probably have to wait, but that’s a good excuse to try a new libation at the bar!