oh haaiiiiii! here’s a bit of weekend eats…

I’m def not a person who wakes up starving, it takes me awhile to get hungry/hangry. First thing in the morning is lots of water and then…coffee…duhhh.

BRUNCH… EGGYS and ‘WHITE TRASH HASH’ with a side of blood orange mimosa

photo 2

some delish tuna & avocado for lunch…wakami salad/avocado/jalapeños/cucumber/pickled ginger…it was perf

photo 1

and a delish salad for dinner…roasted chicken, dates, avocado, tomatoes,
corn, goat cheese, almonds with champagne
vinaigrette…ended up taking some home and then eating is later. was. so. good.

photo 3

I’m so different with my eats everyday. Sometimes I eat meals and some days I just snack and graze all day…weirdo.



Happy Hump Day! WHOOP WHOOP.  bwaahahah <<

Here’s some eats from a few days ago…and oh.my. goodness…I have a new-found love ♥

Stopped by Juice and grabbed a couple cold-pressed juices.

photo 3Breakfast: I had my coffee…naturally <<duhhhh>> or I’ll be dramatic if I don’t get to have coffee within an hour of waking up & a couple cold-pressed juices to sip on through the morning.

photo 4

Lunch: a big ‘ol mix of veggies & salad. If you can’t tell what those veggies are…well then Jamie Oliver or Chef Ramsay would be disappointed.

photo 1

Dinner: GIRLS NIGHT! has a great night (quite a few hours spent) at TAVERN . Started with white wine and the mussels app to share while sitting at the bar. I WAS SO skeptical about mussels, and now I’m craving them as I type. oh my goootness, so good.

Anyway… the mussels…bacon / leeks / charred tomato / white wine / “dippy” bread

Just perfect

photo 2

Later on we also shared the

Tuscan Kale & Parmesan Salad…toasted almonds / currants / lemon / good olive oil

Tuscan Fries…garlic / parmesan / crushed red pepper

Such a good night


TAVERN -Midtown-

Last night, I went to Tavern, a cozy and socially stimulating, posh, upscale pub food restaurant. I’ve been here before, but only for their Brunch menu. Decided to give it a try last night since Wednesday is their 2-4-1 drink nights (they also have 2-4-1 drinks one Saturday and Sunday from 10a-3p…GO!) We can walked here, so that’s a bonus!

We sat outside, no wait, enjoyed drinks and amazing grub! Everything we got was perfect, and I even got to bring leftover home!

J and I started of with 2-4-1 drinks.Villa Argento Pinot Grigio for me (anyone else think it’s CrAZy how expensive wine is?!?…2-4-1’s make it a bit more bearable breaking the bank at $3.50 a glass) and a Pablo Honey Margarita for J. The margarita was so, so, so good, and he drank both of his drinks fast! I think he just liked saying the name “Pablo Honey”.

For an appetizer we ordered

“BaZOOka” Guacamole 

pistachio / goat cheese / bag of tortilla chips

It did not disappoint. It was flavorful and the pistachios added a nice salty bite to it.

 For my entree, I ordered

Junk salad 
romaine / salami / shrimp / olives / pepperoncini / hearts of palm /
grape tomato / cucumber / blue cheese / champagne dijon vinaigrett

I took the leftovers home. So good, so many ingredients and hit the spot!

J ordered 4 tacos…cuz he’s a man!

2 tacos “al Pastor” crispy pork / salsa verde / pineapple / corn tortilla

 and 2 Beef shortrib tacos Korean bbq / cucumber / cilantro

They were both good, and flavorful. There’s so many more dished I was to try off of the Tavern Menu, and will come back soon…probably on 2-4-1 nights 😉

Has anyone been here? Do you want to eat here? Let me know what you think!!

Fun in the City

My BFF flew into Nashville to visit me for the weekend!! This past weekend consisted of good food, good drinks, great friends, talks and lots of walking around the city.

We walked and had dinner and drinks at Chuy’s one evening. Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex style restaurant that started in Austin, TX in 1982, and finally moved it’s way up to Nashville Summer 2011.

The food is always so, so good, and the service is great!

We started off with a round of MargaritasResposado, fresh lime juice and Cointreau.

We were brought chips and salsa to munch on while we chatted, and a small dish of one of their signature sauces…creamy jalapeno.

We ordered one of the Combo meals (Beef Tex-Mex enchilada, cheese Ranchero enchilada, chicken Tomatillo enchilada, a seasoned ground sirloin crispy taco & homemade tostada chips dipped in chile con queso) and the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom (Freshly-roasted, hand-pulled chicken & cheese with Boom-Boom sauce, made with cheese, roasted New Mexican green chiles, tomatillos, green onions, cilantro and lime juice)

And of course, we took 3/4 of all of it home…hahaaha!

Sunday morning, we were craving brunch. We headed to TAVERN and sipped on mimosas and bloody marys. The Mimosas were made with Cava and Thatcher’s Blood Orange, a nice little twist on the original. AND it was 2×1’s!

We ordered an omelet and burger, which was a mix of ribeye and filet. Once again, it was so good and flavorful. The Local Ham & Cheese omelet was shaved smoky ham,brie, and “white trash hash.

I don’t even know what she’s doing 😉 I LOVE TAVERN! NEW FAVORITE BRUNCH SPOT!