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photo 1soooooo, here’s the deets on vitamin c for your face & the things you need to know about this amazeballs antioxidant. i love it, & everyone else should too…

  • vitamin c <aka ascorbic acid> is an antioxidant to help brighten skin, produce collage, reduce age spots, minimize fine lines & overall make you look pretty freakin’ awesome as we all get older. <<cheaper & easier than a chemical peel>>
  • the body uses vitamin c to replace damaged skin, & reduce inflammation << you need type III collagen>>
  • not all vitamin c products are created equal…no, no, no my friends, you’ve gotta be very picky & do your research before you purchase & you do need to use it on a regular basis either in serums, lotions, or eye creams
  • when purchasing any product with vitamin c make sure it has 3%-10% of the good stuff
  • look for the ingredients ‘ascorbic acid’, ‘L-ascorbic acid’, ‘ascorbyl’, or ‘ascorbate’. a lot of products claim to have vitamin c & it’s not the pure form that you want. it smells nice and all, but it’s really just marketing aka…not the real stuff
  • I use the whole truth vitamin c kit that I get from SephoraΒ & typically use the serum just at nightphoto 2
  • everyone is different. some people notice significant changes in under 2 week, & some take longer. the first thing i noticed it how much brighter & tighter my skin looked
  • make sure there are no added parabens, sulfates or phthalates <<added to plastics…yuck>>
  • vitamin c can be unstable so make sure that the package is always closed tightly and not exposed to air too long or it will loose its effectiveness
  • if you do get microdermabrasion or any type of cosmetic peels, vitamin c enhances its effectiveness

photo 3


xoxo jodi

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