Happy Hump Day! WHOOP WHOOP.  bwaahahah <<

Here’s some eats from a few days ago…and goodness…I have a new-found love ♥

Stopped by Juice and grabbed a couple cold-pressed juices.

photo 3Breakfast: I had my coffee…naturally <<duhhhh>> or I’ll be dramatic if I don’t get to have coffee within an hour of waking up & a couple cold-pressed juices to sip on through the morning.

photo 4

Lunch: a big ‘ol mix of veggies & salad. If you can’t tell what those veggies are…well then Jamie Oliver or Chef Ramsay would be disappointed.

photo 1

Dinner: GIRLS NIGHT! has a great night (quite a few hours spent) at TAVERN . Started with white wine and the mussels app to share while sitting at the bar. I WAS SO skeptical about mussels, and now I’m craving them as I type. oh my goootness, so good.

Anyway… the mussels…bacon / leeks / charred tomato / white wine / “dippy” bread

Just perfect

photo 2

Later on we also shared the

Tuscan Kale & Parmesan Salad…toasted almonds / currants / lemon / good olive oil

Tuscan Fries…garlic / parmesan / crushed red pepper

Such a good night



A day full of eats & drinks out n’ about.

Ohhhhhh, ya know…just some coffee first thing in the morn.

photo 2

A lil lunch plate of cucumbers/tortilla chips/tzatziki/ hummus/tapenade

photo 3

When dinner rolled around…it was 2 for 1 drinks, so a few glasses of Pinot Grigio happened before and after dinner.

photo 1

Dinner started out with a Chop Chop Salad w/ garbonzo beans/eggies/blue cheese/ avocado/onions/carrots etc
photo 5Late night eats…tater tots (came home with leftovers of the salad & tots) We were out pretty late, so midnight snack was necessary.

photo 4



The weekend in iPhone pics: CRS Week in Nashville, food, draannkkkss & shenanigans…naturally


photo 3{War Memorial show with the guys… ‘Lee Brice, Randy House & Friends’} Fun times were had by all & pre-show bevs on the bus were a must}

photo 4{ Saint Anejo margaritas and tacos}

photo 1{Music City Tippler…uhhhh what did we have here again??…oh yeaaa margaritas, old fashioneds, wine, some food adddnnnn >>>> jello shots}

photo 5

{My RayBan selfie because I had to. They’re new, I’m obsessed}

photo 2{}

xoxo Jodi

I can’t believe it’s OCTOBER…!!



Workout: Ran 2 miles and completed this circuit to make an hour-long workout.


The Pedigree Adoption Day, last Saturday, was a big success. Despite having a 5am wake-up call and working until 4p, I had so much fun with everyone! I fell in love with a couple of dogs and got lots of kisses. It was a perfect day, too.

PEDIGREE Facebook status about the event 😉


Almost done setting up the event…lots of work!

Giving the shelter’s some $$$$. Haha. ‘The presentation of the check”



After a long work day, I went out and had some well-deserved Mexican food at Las Palmas, and then to Pinkberry for a little treat. I went hope and passed out for a good 12 hours.


So, I can’t believe it’s October already! I have a lot to look forward to this month, and for the rest of the year.

1) Going home in a couple days to visit the family

2)Going on a cruise

3)Cabo San Lucas with the family!!!

4)Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

Annnndddd here’s a funny….