Eating Out


oh haaiiiiii! here’s a bit of weekend eats…

I’m def not a person who wakes up starving, it takes me awhile to get hungry/hangry. First thing in the morning is lots of water and then…coffee…duhhh.

BRUNCH… EGGYS and ‘WHITE TRASH HASH’ with a side of blood orange mimosa

photo 2

some delish tuna & avocado for lunch…wakami salad/avocado/jalapeños/cucumber/pickled ginger…it was perf

photo 1

and a delish salad for dinner…roasted chicken, dates, avocado, tomatoes,
corn, goat cheese, almonds with champagne
vinaigrette…ended up taking some home and then eating is later. was. so. good.

photo 3

I’m so different with my eats everyday. Sometimes I eat meals and some days I just snack and graze all day…weirdo.



Happy Hump Day! WHOOP WHOOP.  bwaahahah <<

Here’s some eats from a few days ago…and goodness…I have a new-found love ♥

Stopped by Juice and grabbed a couple cold-pressed juices.

photo 3Breakfast: I had my coffee…naturally <<duhhhh>> or I’ll be dramatic if I don’t get to have coffee within an hour of waking up & a couple cold-pressed juices to sip on through the morning.

photo 4

Lunch: a big ‘ol mix of veggies & salad. If you can’t tell what those veggies are…well then Jamie Oliver or Chef Ramsay would be disappointed.

photo 1

Dinner: GIRLS NIGHT! has a great night (quite a few hours spent) at TAVERN . Started with white wine and the mussels app to share while sitting at the bar. I WAS SO skeptical about mussels, and now I’m craving them as I type. oh my goootness, so good.

Anyway… the mussels…bacon / leeks / charred tomato / white wine / “dippy” bread

Just perfect

photo 2

Later on we also shared the

Tuscan Kale & Parmesan Salad…toasted almonds / currants / lemon / good olive oil

Tuscan Fries…garlic / parmesan / crushed red pepper

Such a good night



A day full of eats & drinks out n’ about.

Ohhhhhh, ya know…just some coffee first thing in the morn.

photo 2

A lil lunch plate of cucumbers/tortilla chips/tzatziki/ hummus/tapenade

photo 3

When dinner rolled around…it was 2 for 1 drinks, so a few glasses of Pinot Grigio happened before and after dinner.

photo 1

Dinner started out with a Chop Chop Salad w/ garbonzo beans/eggies/blue cheese/ avocado/onions/carrots etc
photo 5Late night eats…tater tots (came home with leftovers of the salad & tots) We were out pretty late, so midnight snack was necessary.

photo 4




A little look into my weekend…

Had a chill & relaxing weekend full of sleeping in, domestic nonsense, running, family time & friends.

photo 2luubbsssssss when my bestie is in town {#selfiesunday} haha.

photoWings aka waaaaannngggssss were had. Mine on the left {chipotle & garlic parm-OMG so good} Amy’s on the right {spicy garlic ranch}. Some Sam Adams ‘Cold Snap’ was enjoyed, as well as a glas of Rose, later. Random combos, but whatev.

photo 1delish glass of Pinot Grigio to start off dinner

photo 2

Bar Louie tacos corn tortillas/tequila-lime chicken/cilantro/onions/avocado/cheese/spicy salsa. {pretty sure this is new to the menu, and I LIKE.}

Home Visit


Today’s workout: 4 mile run. 3 miles + 1 mile of sprints (walk/sprint/walk/sprint etc..)

It has FINALLY been nice enough outside where I can run and actually enjoy it.

No breakfast today, just coffee. My bad 😉 My lunch… hummus, romain, red pepper, pickles. Random.


I was home this weekend to visit the family. We went out for my birthday since I wasn’t home a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed some shopping with my parents, good food, and fun night’s out with my brother’s and friends.

My bro doing the ‘snail’. Anyone else do this??! hahahah.

Me and Ashley 

Some of the home-cookin’. Surf n Turf is always a good choice. ANNNNNNDDDD perfect weather everyday!

I enjoyed some beverages and cheesecake thanks to my brother at Bel Lago…he knows what I like.

Now, back to the work-grind back in Nash. Just glad I can always get home with a 50 minute flight.

How was your weekend??