oh haaiiiiii! here’s a bit of weekend eats…

I’m def not a person who wakes up starving, it takes me awhile to get hungry/hangry. First thing in the morning is lots of water and then…coffee…duhhh.

BRUNCH… EGGYS and ‘WHITE TRASH HASH’ with a side of blood orange mimosa

photo 2

some delish tuna & avocado for lunch…wakami salad/avocado/jalapeños/cucumber/pickled ginger…it was perf

photo 1

and a delish salad for dinner…roasted chicken, dates, avocado, tomatoes,
corn, goat cheese, almonds with champagne
vinaigrette…ended up taking some home and then eating is later. was. so. good.

photo 3

I’m so different with my eats everyday. Sometimes I eat meals and some days I just snack and graze all day…weirdo.



Happy Hump Day! WHOOP WHOOP.  bwaahahah <<

Here’s some eats from a few days ago…and oh.my. goodness…I have a new-found love ♥

Stopped by Juice and grabbed a couple cold-pressed juices.

photo 3Breakfast: I had my coffee…naturally <<duhhhh>> or I’ll be dramatic if I don’t get to have coffee within an hour of waking up & a couple cold-pressed juices to sip on through the morning.

photo 4

Lunch: a big ‘ol mix of veggies & salad. If you can’t tell what those veggies are…well then Jamie Oliver or Chef Ramsay would be disappointed.

photo 1

Dinner: GIRLS NIGHT! has a great night (quite a few hours spent) at TAVERN . Started with white wine and the mussels app to share while sitting at the bar. I WAS SO skeptical about mussels, and now I’m craving them as I type. oh my goootness, so good.

Anyway… the mussels…bacon / leeks / charred tomato / white wine / “dippy” bread

Just perfect

photo 2

Later on we also shared the

Tuscan Kale & Parmesan Salad…toasted almonds / currants / lemon / good olive oil

Tuscan Fries…garlic / parmesan / crushed red pepper

Such a good night



A day full of eats & drinks out n’ about.

Ohhhhhh, ya know…just some coffee first thing in the morn.

photo 2

A lil lunch plate of cucumbers/tortilla chips/tzatziki/ hummus/tapenade

photo 3

When dinner rolled around…it was 2 for 1 drinks, so a few glasses of Pinot Grigio happened before and after dinner.

photo 1

Dinner started out with a Chop Chop Salad w/ garbonzo beans/eggies/blue cheese/ avocado/onions/carrots etc
photo 5Late night eats…tater tots (came home with leftovers of the salad & tots) We were out pretty late, so midnight snack was necessary.

photo 4



So what the heck did I nom??

Starting my day of without a cup of coffee is rare..like really rare. Usually only happens if I’m feeling super AWAKE and head out for a run, or in a rush to go somewhere i.e the airport.

photo 4

Morning coffee, duhhhh

photo 5Fruits!! yayayyy. Starting to get back to the season.

photo 2-1Quick Panera salad. I either order this one {Asian Sesame Chicken} or California Cobb w/ Avocado

photo 2-1After work, I threw together a little watermelon cooler… watermelon/chia seeds/lemon juice/ water. NOM NOM

photo 1

photo 1-1DinDin was a derrriiishhh salad w/ greens/avo/cucumber/tomatos AND roasted shrimpies w/lemon & garlic. I love my roasted shirmp.

photo 3

A bit-o-wine while watching some shows. #winenot




A little look into my weekend…

Had a chill & relaxing weekend full of sleeping in, domestic nonsense, running, family time & friends.

photo 2luubbsssssss when my bestie is in town {#selfiesunday} haha.

photoWings aka waaaaannngggssss were had. Mine on the left {chipotle & garlic parm-OMG so good} Amy’s on the right {spicy garlic ranch}. Some Sam Adams ‘Cold Snap’ was enjoyed, as well as a glas of Rose, later. Random combos, but whatev.

photo 1delish glass of Pinot Grigio to start off dinner

photo 2

Bar Louie tacos corn tortillas/tequila-lime chicken/cilantro/onions/avocado/cheese/spicy salsa. {pretty sure this is new to the menu, and I LIKE.}