So what the heck did I nom??

Starting my day of without a cup of coffee is rare..like really rare. Usually only happens if I’m feeling super AWAKE and head out for a run, or in a rush to go somewhere i.e the airport.

photo 4

Morning coffee, duhhhh

photo 5Fruits!! yayayyy. Starting to get back to the season.

photo 2-1Quick Panera salad. I either order this one {Asian Sesame Chicken} or California Cobb w/ Avocado

photo 2-1After work, I threw together a little watermelon cooler… watermelon/chia seeds/lemon juice/ water. NOM NOM

photo 1

photo 1-1DinDin was a derrriiishhh salad w/ greens/avo/cucumber/tomatos AND roasted shrimpies w/lemon & garlic. I love my roasted shirmp.

photo 3

A bit-o-wine while watching some shows. #winenot



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