Brazilian Butt Lift…hmmmm that sounds nice.

Workout:Lower Body & HIIT Cardio: this circuit and this circuit to make a 56 min sweat session. Trying to get some more toning in my life…

Breakfast of champions…egg whites with salsa, cheese, and sour cream. And a couple of Morning Star ‘sausages’. (this pic is not very good, I’m terrible at taking photos…boooooo)

Like my new iPhone case…??! I LOVE it. Ombre much? I found it on eBay for a couple of bucks.

You may have already seen this pic if you follow me on Instagram.

Instagram: JodiWK


Dinner was arugula salad with apple cider vinaigrette, shrimp, and roasted garlic quinoa. MMMmmmmmmmmmmRight now I’m flying back home to Cbus to visit friends family, and be on campus for the OSU game! My bff is coming into town too, can’t wait!

Cya from Columbus.


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