It’s Mexican Fajita night!


Workout:  Finally running outside all. the.time.!


Last night was Mexican food!

Good ‘ol prep for some guac.

I made HOMEMADE tortilla chips. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. It’s so, so much better than store-bought corn chips.

Cut small, corn tortillas into triangles, coat with a bit of salt and canola oil, pop in 400* oven for 8 minutes! nomnomnom. Serve them with salsa and guac for an appetizer. I could eat this everyday, all day. Not kidding.

Little, corn taco with flat-iron steak fajitas, and a salad with steak.******************

Everyone’s got their panties in a bunch about the replacement ref’s call last night during MNF. I concur…it was a bad, bad call. A wrong call. Do they care?…probably not. They’re making 4K a game not matter what! Now, if that was done during an Indianapolis Colts game or Ohio State Buckeyes game, I would probably write them a letter…like a really, really mean one. They’d be sorry…


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