last of summer sangria




Did anyone happen to see me on ABC’s- CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock??…didn’t think so. haha. We filmed the intros for the CMA Fest LP performances in June, before they happened, and at 4am. I don’t know who made those rules…probably Toby Keith. just sayin’

In other news…

Bai sent me a sampler pack to try and review. I was so excited to receive them! Can’t wait to try and tell everyone how they taste!

bai5 is a line of low-sugar beverages that contain only 1 gram of sugar (organic stevia and all-natural Erythritol) and only 5 calories per bottle.Every bottle is infused with antioxidant power from the coffeefruit, which I learned is actually the outside casing of a regular coffee bean.

I’ll share more as I try each one!



Workout: 2mi run + 1 mile of sprints + circuits


I then had a one hour conference call for work, and sucked down a chocolate, protein smoothie. Kitty is being a photo-bomber.

Just got home from work and decided to make some sangria before it gets to un-summer-like outside. I just threw together what I already had at home.

Β One Fuji apple,one lemon,couple handfuls of frozen grapes

Throw in a a bottle ofΒ Sofia…sorry about the blurry-ness.

I also added one can of diet 7up, and that it.

It was really, really good to share, since I couldn’t drink the whole pitcher by myself, and have with dinner.

I’ll be back to let ya know about dinner… πŸ˜‰



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