One of my BEST Dishes

The other evening, I made one of the best dinners I have ever made. Well, in my opinion, and J thought it was delicious too! I made roasted shrimp and lemon risotto. We’ve been on a shrimp-kick lately, perhaps getting ready for the cruise in October and Cabo in December.

When I cook, I prep everything first, or else I would go crazy and probably have an anxiety attack.

Oh yea, look at me cooking, not a staged photo at all. Hahahaha.

Roasted Lemon Garlic Herb Shrimp served with RisottoΒ 

Ok, so I have raw shrimp that I bought frozen, raw, de-shelled, and de-veined at WHOLE FOODS. It’s a great thing to have in the freezer, and you just run some cold water over it for a few minutes and it’s de-thawed.

It looks like it’s swimming in oil, but I swear it’s not, probably a couple tablespoons of olive oil, lemon, thyme, garlic, and shrimp. I got the recipe here. I followed the recipe, and the shrimp cooked in about 8 minutes. SO GOOD, you must try it! It’s easy!

It’s done! Time to eat!

I made Risotto with lemon and parmesan. I got the idea from Giada’s recipe. I obviously did not serve it in ‘lemon cups’. hehe. I followed the recipe, and it turns out magical!

Finished product. Best dinner in a long time!

I find a lot of recipes on Pinterest like a lot of people do.

Any other good shrimp recipes out there??



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