Bunch of Random Stuff

Today’s workout: 2 mile run + circuit

this circuit. wasn’t too hard, but something different. sometimes I hate working my core, specifically, because I HATE when my stomach is sore, it feels awful. (just FYI, ha!)


I had Panera for lunch…an avocado cobb salad. It was delish! Panera is kind of overpriced, but whatev, it’s still good.

It’s been a pretty uneventful couple of work-weeks. Not too stressful or busy. But this week, I have two photo shoots with some pups for more PEDIGREE ads in the newspaper, so that will be sweaty fun! 😉 haha.

They have been filming ABC’s ‘Nashville’ in my neck-of-the woods. It’s a big cluster-youknowwhat…

Look at all their fancy trailers…fancy-actor-people trying to show us up.




Being an ALUMNI of The Ohio State University, you KNOW I have been hyped about the games so far, and future games…



Never get’s old. WIsh I could be back on campus every Saturday again. Maybe that would be weird, maybe not.


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