Month: September 2012

It’s Mexican Fajita night!


Workout:  Finally running outside all. the.time.!


Last night was Mexican food!

Good ‘ol prep for some guac.

I made HOMEMADE tortilla chips. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. It’s so, so much better than store-bought corn chips.

Cut small, corn tortillas into triangles, coat with a bit of salt and canola oil, pop in 400* oven for 8 minutes! nomnomnom. Serve them with salsa and guac for an appetizer. I could eat this everyday, all day. Not kidding.

Little, corn taco with flat-iron steak fajitas, and a salad with steak.******************

Everyone’s got their panties in a bunch about the replacement ref’s call last night during MNF. I concur…it was a bad, bad call. A wrong call. Do they care?…probably not. They’re making 4K a game not matter what! Now, if that was done during an Indianapolis Colts game or Ohio State Buckeyes game, I would probably write them a letter…like a really, really mean one. They’d be sorry…

shrimp and quinoa


The other night I made a shrimp and quinoa dish for dinner. I roasted shrimp like I did here and cooked up a batch of Mediterranean quinoa.

Look how cute the little limes are…awwww

I put olive oil, and greek seasoning in an 9×13 glass pan, and roasted that at 400* for 10 minutes to infuse the oil.I coated the shrimp in some olive oil, greek seasoning, garlic, and lime, added it to the glass pan and cooked the oil and shrimp for another 8 minutes until the shrimp curled and turned pink. SO GOOD AND EASY!


I whipped up this quinoa, it’s easy and not too expensive at the grocery store. You just add some water and cook for 15 minutes. It’s all natural and gluten free, perfect to add to meals. Quinoa is a superfood, so I was feelin’ purdy healthy 😉 haha.

Finished product! There were no leftovers… 


last of summer sangria




Did anyone happen to see me on ABC’s- CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock??…didn’t think so. haha. We filmed the intros for the CMA Fest LP performances in June, before they happened, and at 4am. I don’t know who made those rules…probably Toby Keith. just sayin’

In other news…

Bai sent me a sampler pack to try and review. I was so excited to receive them! Can’t wait to try and tell everyone how they taste!

bai5 is a line of low-sugar beverages that contain only 1 gram of sugar (organic stevia and all-natural Erythritol) and only 5 calories per bottle.Every bottle is infused with antioxidant power from the coffeefruit, which I learned is actually the outside casing of a regular coffee bean.

I’ll share more as I try each one!



Workout: 2mi run + 1 mile of sprints + circuits


I then had a one hour conference call for work, and sucked down a chocolate, protein smoothie. Kitty is being a photo-bomber.

Just got home from work and decided to make some sangria before it gets to un-summer-like outside. I just threw together what I already had at home.

 One Fuji apple,one lemon,couple handfuls of frozen grapes

Throw in a a bottle of Sofia…sorry about the blurry-ness.

I also added one can of diet 7up, and that it.

It was really, really good to share, since I couldn’t drink the whole pitcher by myself, and have with dinner.

I’ll be back to let ya know about dinner… 😉


Turtle Time

Workout: 2mile run

                 + sprints

200m x 2

150m x 2

100m x 2 

              + circuit

50 jumping jacks

20 lunges

10 tuck jumps

20 squats

60 sec high knees

10 squat jumps

10 burpees

60 sec jump rope

20 mountain climbers

25 pushups

60 sec plank hold

Then I cleaned…cleaning is a workout, too!


Wake up call. He hogs all the pillows, and I need a bigger bed.


I went to see The Wallflowers last week at ‘Live on the Green’. I still love Jakob Dylan.

The first time I met my #3 boyyyfraannnn! We’re bffs, now.

Finally got my hair done at Aura Salon, after 6 months of forgetting to do it. At least they give you wine during the process, and everyone is so, so nice. Spending hours on a spa day gives my anxiety, I don’t know why. Probably because I feel like I could be doing a million other things besides sit there, but Aura is one of the best!

They have this piece of art on the wall, I want it! It’s for sale, but I’m not sure how much it is, hopefully $20!

Try to have a fun Monday, peeps…

Puppy Love

Workout: 3.2mi run outside on Music Row and one round of this circuit via PBFingers



Catching up on the past week/few days…

I had four photo shoots for work in two days. I’m always wiped out after a photo shoots  with 40+ dogs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the BEST job, and c’mon…it’s dogs and puppies! Hours of this is like another workout and sweatfest, so I’m usually dead by the end. But I love ’em! This is my 11th photo shoot for Pedigree, and I LOVE all of them!

Getting some love ❤

Finally, Nashville has had some nice, cooler, non-humid weather. I was starting to get a little grumpy since I haven’t been able to run outside, sit outside, eat outside, walk outside, etc…take your pick…outside has been sucktastic, lately. Sorry for the tangent.

We enjoyed some red wine on the balcony, a Cab from Gnarly Head that I’m a fan of. Try it! The view isn’t too bad either.


Today for lunch I whipped up a mozzarella, avocado, and tomato salad with some soup!

mmmmmm salad.

This would be Pacific’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup. I added some black beans, sour cream, and black pepper.


Now…back to work for me.

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