Home Visit


Today’s workout: 4 mile run. 3 miles + 1 mile of sprints (walk/sprint/walk/sprint etc..)

It has FINALLY been nice enough outside where I can run and actually enjoy it.

No breakfast today, just coffee. My bad πŸ˜‰ My lunch… hummus, romain, red pepper, pickles. Random.


I was home this weekend to visit the family. We went out for my birthday since I wasn’t home a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed some shopping with my parents, good food, and fun night’s out with my brother’s and friends.

My bro doing the ‘snail’. Anyone else do this??! hahahah.

Me and AshleyΒ 

Some of the home-cookin’. Surf n Turf is always a good choice. ANNNNNNDDDD perfect weather everyday!

I enjoyed some beverages and cheesecake thanks to my brother at Bel Lago…he knows what I like.

Now, back to the work-grind back in Nash. Just glad I can always get home with a 50 minute flight.

How was your weekend??


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