Weekend Delights

This weekend was full of rain, humidity and RAINBOWS! It was terrible, terrible weather, but it cleared up a bit on Saturday night just in time for a Birthday celebration.

It was the prettiest rainbow I’ve ever seen πŸ˜‰

Saturday night we went out for Nicky’s Birthday. We had drinks and dinner at Tavern. You may see my other experience at Tavern hereΒ and here. We finished the night up at Losers.

birthday lady

For dinner, we split the guacamole as an appetizer. I had chicken lettuce wraps as my entree and Nicky had shrimp tacos. Everything was really, really good. We ended back up at my place and ended with cupcakes.

It wasn’t humid outside or anything.. ewwww, yuck, gross.

And put ’em all together and make a collage via the PicStitch app.

After the festivities, a little fruit and veggie day was a must.

Work is done, ,and I need to visit the grocery store to fill up on goodies to make lots of salads!


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