“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend”

Hello all!

Workout: 2mi run and 20 minutes of yoga.

Back to the grind this week after spending last weekend with the family. Miss them, wish I could see them more. I try to get back once a month, because I don’t want to miss any family fun-ness. Yes, that is a word, people. Pooltime, cookout, talking for hours etc. 😉

Little family collage.

Wine with mommy. We can only have ONE glass of wine a night. Yes, just one.


Dinner last night was an amazing chicken dish. Chicken stuffed with mozzarella and a bruschetta mixture. The sides were red-skinned mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, rosemary, and parmesan (THE BEST taters!), and green beans with shallots.

This derp-derp thinks the remote is his…not true. What a fruit loop!

Breakfast this morning was classic. Eggs and bacon. Eggs were filled with turkey, cheese, spinach and sour cream.


Little weekend thought to ponder…Always remember this…

You’re welcome.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! I have a bit more work to do and then FINALLY getting my hair cut! I haven’t cut it since March!!


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