Happy Birthday to my DAD!!

FIrst…I want to say “Happy Birthday” to my dad. It’s his birthday today and he is livin’ it up in Orlando, FL with the tropical storm.

Dad enjoying some “adult slushies” in FL.

Me and my dad in Cabo San Lucas last December. Can’t wait to go back this December!


Yesterday, I saw some carnation for $1 so I couldn’t resist and snagged ’em. I put them right next to my bed, and I love it!

I needed a little afternoon snack today, so some turkey wraps were eaten. One with turkey, havarti cheese, and spicy mustard. The other with turkey, basil, and mayo.

This is our Nashville weather this week. WTF am I supposed to do when it’s 109* outside??! OMG, too hot.

Today, Chobani Greek Yogurt asked, on Twitter, what your favorite smoothie combo was… Love me some pumpkin!

What’s your favorite smoothie combo?

I saw this “Pumpkin Ice Bucket” on Lauryn’s blog, The Skinny Confidential and LOVE this idea! She has a great blog and great ideas over there, so check it out! I love fall, but don’t worry I’m not rushing it…

Making some Mexican food for dinner tonight….Who’s excited??! I’ll be back and share the good-ness.


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