Taste of Music City Recap

I went to a fun event yesterday…Nissan Taste of Music City! Nashville’s largest Food and Drink Festival celebrated their 10th anniversary yesterday! From 5-9p guests could enjoy all of the food and drinks available from some of the best places around Nashville.

The tickets were pretty pricey…between $45-$60 plus tax, but I was able to score a set of FREE tickets thanks to this lady! I’m pretty sure the event was sold out, too. There was 60+ vendors, so there was lots of food and beverages to enjoy.

Walking to the bridge where the event was taking place. All the little white tents are vendors! It was the.most.perfect. day outside, sunny and warm.

One of the entrances to the bridge you could enter. We got to the entrance about 15mins before it started, and then at 5p they started collecting tickets, handing out wristbands, and glasses. Our plan of action was to stop at each tent on one side and then come back up on the other. Since we were there a bit early, we hardly waited on any lines until we were 3/4 of the way through the vendors.


Me and J enjoying our beverages in the sun. I believe that’s some moonshine concoction 😉

The view from the bringe was so awesome. For us, the location was perfect, but I know people driving around the city were pretty angry about the bridge being closed.

Enjoying some wine on the bridge. I wasn’t too impressed with any of the wineries at the event, but whatev it was free…

Some food from Benchmark and Boswell’s GrillOn the left is a Korean BBQ Taco with ginger sesame slaw. On the right is a Steak Skewer with chimichurri, and cherry tomato. 

Again, the view was so nice. Can’t beat a better view or weather. Everyone got such great pics from the day.

Overall, we had a blast and got so full! I do wish that the vendors offered better food, because most of it was just average and nothing special. I wanted to try what the restaurant really takes pride in and showcases.

So many people were disappointed in the fact that the vendors either ran out of food or closed down before 7p (it was supposed to go on until 9p!). I totally agree, if we had not arrived when it first opened, we wouldn’t of gotten to try half of what we did, and we didn’t even get to try everything because some places ran out of food. If I would of payed for tickets, I would of been even more disappointed, it’s a lot of money!

Also, at least 4 vendors didn’t even show up! I don’t understand how that could be allowed at an event like this, but again, I’m glad I didn’t shell out $120 for a set of tickets. If I get free tickets next year, I’d go again, but I wouldn’t pay to go.

Even got Justin to try an oyster for the 1st time! Haha, so funny.

We got some pretty awesome coupons that I’m sure we’ll use (2 for 1 drinks, Free bottle of wine, $5 off etc).

My Favorites: 

Gerst Hap and Harry’s, Yazoo (beer)-good beer, generous serving…no complaints.

MIRKO Pasta-mmmm butternut squash ravioli, and wine coupon! Buy a glass of wine and get the bottle for free!!

Nothing Bundt Cakes-THE BEST CAKE! White chocolate raspberry with cream cheese frosting

SWANKY’S Taco Shop-great tacos and garlic cream sauce

Taco Mamacita-love the tortilla soup, the best I’ve had

GERST Haus-I demolished my sausage and Justin’s!

Least Favorite:

Puckett’s-ran out of food by 6p

Chappy’s on Church-They didn’t even show up

The Wild Cow-Didn’t show up!

Mafiaoza’s-They were a sponsor and ran out of a little crostini before 6p (are you serious?!)

Jim n Nick’s BBQ-offered some shredded pork on a flour tortilla (was supposed to include cole slaw, but they didn’t have any)…uhhh is that your specialty? Didn’t even eat it.

Taste of Italy-Didn’t show up



  1. I completely agree with you. If I didn’t have a free way in, I would not have paid that much money for the event. I was surprised that so many vendors ran out of food or brought items that didn’t reflect well for their restaurant. The one HUGE plus for the day was definitely the weather. That was one of the best days in Nashville for this time of the year I’ve ever experienced!

  2. I know, being there with free tickets makes a huge difference. The best thing ever is being outside and eating, drinking and talking with people for hours. I can’t believe the vendors ran out of food so fast, I didn’t think I ate THAT much.

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