Iced Peppermint Tea

Workout: 3.2mi run outside in the HEAT! Then did about an hour of cleaning up in the loft. I don’t care what anyone says…cleaning is a workout, too!

I made a pitcher of peppermint tea that was turned into iced peppermint tea. So good and refreshing. Peppermint is often recognized as a “stomach healer.”

Steep 6 bags of peppermint tea in 5 cups of hot/boiling water, let it cool, place in fridge, enjoy when it’s cold! You can add sugar, agave, or honey to sweeten if desired.

Some benefits of peppermint tea…Refreshing, fights stress, good for a afternoon energy boost,  clears congestion and cough related to colds and allergies,  fights bad breath, improves digestion, soothes upset stomach, reduces bloating, eases nausea, reduce heartburn.

Random photos that caught my eye on Pinterest

I want to make Caprese Salad just like this! It looks amazing!

I like this tee for the gym or working out.

I want to see Snow White and The Huntsman!! Helllooooo Chris Hemsworth


I’ll see ya later for my Taste of Music City recap 😉 Have a relaxing Sunday, peeps.


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