Austria pt. 5

And we FINALLY have the last installment of my Austrian vacation from April! Haha!

The last few days were spent eating, drinking, and talking. Of course, more goulasch was consumed. This is still one of my absolute favorite dishes, and I can never get enough. After this lunch at Wellas, we did some wine tasting and bought a few more gifts to take home.

My customs declaration included: chocolate, candy, wine, and oil. πŸ˜‰

On the last evening, we went to my cousin, Belinda’s, house for dinner and drinks. And when I say dinner, I mean 4p-1a (at least!). Β Europeans take a long time to eat, drink, and chat. It’s so important to them and they appreciate these times.

Everyone helping in the IKEA kitchen (of course it’s IKEA!…duh). I love her house, it’s so awesome.

That evening’s dinner… beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, prosecco, wine, schnapps and ice cream. Yea, all the good stuff.

After dinner we busted out the Wii and more wine. Dad is getting his butt kicked by Sammi. I did too, I’m so not good at video games anymore…boo.

This is my “Oh gawd…more food” face. Haha, a few hours after dinner Belinda busted out a cheese course. I want this food everyday, all day. I can cook the Austrian dishes pretty well, but they do take a long time to cook and prepare.

Playing some more Wii..there may have been a few “Scheiße’s” thrown around during the games.

Bye bye bedroom view…see you again soon. I immediately miss all my 80+ family members, the food, and the life in Austria. I hate leaving, but so thankful I can visit.

I’m so thankful I get to go on vacation and spend time with my dad, too. I love him, and even though it’s hard to vacation with parents, I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I will always remember those vacations.


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