Month: June 2012

Happy Birthday to my DAD!!

FIrst…I want to say “Happy Birthday” to my dad. It’s his birthday today and he is livin’ it up in Orlando, FL with the tropical storm.

Dad enjoying some “adult slushies” in FL.

Me and my dad in Cabo San Lucas last December. Can’t wait to go back this December!


Yesterday, I saw some carnation for $1 so I couldn’t resist and snagged ’em. I put them right next to my bed, and I love it!

I needed a little afternoon snack today, so some turkey wraps were eaten. One with turkey, havarti cheese, and spicy mustard. The other with turkey, basil, and mayo.

This is our Nashville weather this week. WTF am I supposed to do when it’s 109* outside??! OMG, too hot.

Today, Chobani Greek Yogurt asked, on Twitter, what your favorite smoothie combo was… Love me some pumpkin!

What’s your favorite smoothie combo?

I saw this “Pumpkin Ice Bucket” on Lauryn’s blog, The Skinny Confidential and LOVE this idea! She has a great blog and great ideas over there, so check it out! I love fall, but don’t worry I’m not rushing it…

Making some Mexican food for dinner tonight….Who’s excited??! I’ll be back and share the good-ness.

CMT Awards Week-Recap

Workout: 4 Rounds of this circuit:

                    30 Lunges with twist

                    10 Push ups

                    10 Leg lifts for abs

                    100 reps of high knees (takes around 20 mins)

                   Followed by 20 minutes of Yoga


The CMT Awards, held in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena, was on Wednesday June 6th. I was able to attend the awards show and it was so much fun. I went last year too, but we had better seats this year!

But first…On June 5th, I helped out in filming an Awards Show Special with Luke Bryan for ABC! I’m pretty sure this is when ABC will broadcast the LP Field concerts from CMA Music Fest.

We filmed at LP Field first, and it’s crazy to see what it looked like totally empty.

ABC setting up for shots with Luke Bryan and Kimberly Perry, from The Band Perry.

 Kimberly and Luke during one of the shots.

Isn’t he cute!? haha. And very, very nice.

Kimberly and Luke again. This shoot was supposed to happen from 7p-11p. Well…that did not happen, at all. We shot until 3am!! OMG I was so tired.

After filming at LP Field wrapped, we were shuttled downtown, to Broadway. The second, and last spot for filming was a fairly new bar downtown, Honkey Tonk Central.

Me and Nicky hanging around and filming at the bar.

Luke doing some filming. It took forever to film 2 30-second clips because “civillians”, or spectators kept scream, taking photos, or being obnoxious at the sight of Luke Bryan. Some crazies out there…

Shutting down Broadway for the CMA Awards the next day.

Finally done at 3am!!! Jusr riding the golf carts back to LP Field so we can go home and sleep! Combination of wired and exhausted. The ABC special airs in September, and maybe you’ll see me 😉

The next evening was a lot of fun, too! The CMT Music Awards! It was so much fun, much better than last year in my opinion. Nicky and I had a great time. Her boyfriend (works for Rascal Flatts), was even able to find us to bring us drinks and food.

Lady Antebellum (or Lady A) starting off the awards.

Step and Repeat shot of me and Nicky. Pure chaos it is! I’m glad I live really close to downtown, and it’s super easy to get back and forth.

After the awards we headed back to my place, and then went out to have some food and drinks. 


Workout: 61 mins of running on the treadmill. Slow run, but needed a good cardio day. Iced my shins afterwards.

Today has been lazy with a little bit of productivity thrown in. All you do is sleep and snuggle, kitteh!!

Anyone watch or remember this movies??! It’s SHAG!! I used to watch SHAG with my mom and cousin. Love this movie, and haven’t seen it in years. When I saw it on tv, I knew I had to watch it! I was and am still a big fan of any movie that has dancing in it, and will watch it over and over again to learn the dance. The Carolina Shag is a 6-count dance instead of the usual 8-count.

SHAG was made in 1989, but takes place in 1963. Summer of 1963. Carson is getting married to her boyfriend so her friends Melaina, Pudge and Luanne take her to Myrtle Beach for one last irresponsible weekend.

The girls getting ready for their road trip to Myrtle Beach…LuAnn, Carson, Pudge, and Melaina.

The SHAG contest! Love watching movies I watched when I was younger.

I took a little bit of time today to make lunch, and also prep some lunches for the rest of the week. I cooked up some chicken, threw it on top of lettuce, and avocado. I have some avocado that needed used, so I figured it could be used as a salad dressing. I made 3 salad with what I had cooked up. Lunch today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Done!


I will leave you with some Sunday Funday Funniness. haha

True dat!

Hahaha…makes me laugh everytime.

Homemade Chicken Parmesan

The other night we made homemade Chicken Parmesan!! Oh my, it was beyond delicious. When J first suggested it, I was a little skeptical since I’ve never ate it before, never heard good things about it, and I hardly eat wheat, but I said I would try it. We have homemade marinara sauce in the freezer and homemade breadcrumbs in the pantry, so we went for it.

I pounded out the chicken, made the salad, and J got working on thawing the sauce and all the rest of duties. We breaded the thing chicken breasts…flour (seasoned with s&p), egg, and breadcrumbs (our homemade breadcrumbs are so good! I don’t know how people can buy the cardboard-tasting breadcrumbs out of the cardboard can…yuck!). We then pan-fried them in a cast iron skillet with extra light olive oil, and topped them with our homemade marinara sauce (what we use for meatballs).

Then, of course, they need to be topped with parmesan AND mozzarella cheese.

The chicken get put under the broiler to melt the cheese while the angel hair pasta cooks. After the pasta was Al dente, J tossed it with butter and herbs…keeping it simples and flavorful!

While cooking, we opened Left Foot Charley Pinot Gris from Traverse City, MI. It was crisp and light, perfect for this meal. We drank some while cooking and finished it off with out meal.

Justin’s plate

My plate…I was either trying to get extra veggies in or needed to use up the salad in the fridge 😉

This was one of the best meals I’ve had in a LONG time. Don’t let this plate fool you, we both went back for a second piece of chicken which we hardly do…it was THAT good!

Some extra fun:

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Any Load. Anywhere. Every Time.

Workout: Ran 2.09 miles in 21:57. 30 mins of Yoga. Join Courtney in the June Yoga Challenge #juneyogachallange’

If you follow me on Twitter, I post my detailed runs via MapMyRun.

 Breakfast was greek yogurt mixed with some granola.

After breakfast and some work, I took a break to grab my ticket/wristband for the 2012 CMT Awards on Wednesday June 6th! I was able to go last year, and get to go again this year! Nicky and I picked up our wristbands, chatted about all the events this week and then I headed back home to do some work.

After I came home, I was starvin’ so I made some Reduced-Sodium Roasted Rep Pepper and Tomato soup topped with cheese, black pepper and sour cream. On the side, I made a little salad. This is my favorite soup, it’s so good!

After 5pm, it’s cocktail time! I enjoyed a Skinnygirl Margarita. I love all the ready-to-drink products from this line, and I can find them for pretty cheap, too. Now…what to eat for dinner? I vote french fries! Haha, kidding, well not really, I could eat them everyday.


A few nights ago a few of us headed to Broadway Brewhouse-Midtown for some dinner and drinks. We passed this little gem on the way…a Remington truck… Any Load. Anywhere. Every Time. Haha, makes me laugh, I love their slogan.

Boys waiting on their brews… Phoenix and Justin…Hey guys!!

We were there for hours, and decided it was time for some fun photos. Anthony, Cristiana and me trying to be happy, sexy and special.

Now…time to figure out what’s for dinner.