The Neverending Story

I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day, but now it’s back to the work week…wah, wah, wahhh.

Yesterday, we did some grocery shopping,  I’m very excited about my coupon cutting and savings! $28.85! Filled up on all the goods, too!

Our Memorial Day dinner was SO good! Started off with some crostini to munch while prepping and cooking. Olive oil, salt, pepper, pecorino, and parsley.

J adding the parsley to the crostini.

I tenderized the meat (beating it!). Seasoned the flat iron steak with salt, pepper, garlic pepper, and worcestershire sauce and let it sit before grilling it. I’m a HUGE fan of flat iron steak, it’s cheap, tender and full of flavor.

FInished dinner…Flat iron steak, sweet potato fries, and salad. Perfect meal.

A few friends came over and THIS HAPPENED…

Yes, we watched The Neverending Story. I still love all the movies I watched as a kid…The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and more and more.

What movies are nostalgic to you now that you watch when you were younger?


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