Puppies at the Pool

This is the happenings of yesterday…

Yesterday’s workout: ran on TM for 35mins/3.8miles

Then I headed out all.day.long. for some pool time with a friend.

It’s been above 90* here all week, so hanging by the pool is a must!

Me and Nicky hangin’ pool side! We had a fun time mingling, meeting new people, and being offered lots and lots of beverages from strangers.

Beverages in the ACM’s coffee cup. So clever and classy.

Doggies were brought out to the pool to have some water and cool off, too! They were so so sweet, I just loved ’em.

Nicky and her new ,press-on, blue, glitter nails..haha ;). So fancy.

I came across this pic on Pinterest (that’s why it’s a oh-so-professional screen shot from my phone. be jealous), and I really,really want to make white sangria soon. It looks so tasty and refreshing!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday and remember all those who have served for us!


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