It’s National Wine Day…Let’s Do This!!

Workout: 550 Rep Workout (around 30mins) + 25mins of Yoga

Over 90* out today, so I’m not going to be stupid and kill myself outside.

550 Rep Workout (based off of a workout)11 exercises in this workout and you will do 50 reps for each of them.

1. Backward Lunge Kick Up (25 reps on each leg)

2. Push-ups (50 reps) the worst!

3.Β Mountain Climber (50 reps)

4. Squats with knee-up (25 on each leg)

5.Β One Leg Bridge Leg Lift (25 on each leg)

6. Jump Squat (50 reps)

7. Jumping Jacks (50 reps)

8. Jump Rope (50 reps)

9. High Knees (50 reps)

10. Jump Rope (50 reps)

11.High Knees (50 reps)

*(ab work was in the yoga part of this workout, that’s why I didn’t incorporate it here)


Guess what?!!! It’s National Wine Day!!! ohhhhh yeaaaaa! Don’t believe me? Check out this post from Courtney. So, when you’re done with work for the day, enjoy some wine!


After work last night, sitting outside was soooo nice.

It included some beverages on the balcony…

And kitty!

Don’t worry, we put him on a leash so he stayed with us.

I love my baby booboo. Haha.

Then we stopped by the opening of the NEW Bar Louie in Nashville. It was alright, we have a couple of them back home, so it wasn’t new to me, but always nice to have new businesses in town.

Do you like wine? And, if so, what type/variety??

Any plans for the holiday weekend?



  1. It was a bit uppity, but I expected that. They are waiting a couple weeks after opening until they start with the normal specials (drinks) and deals ($1 burgers), It a really pretty space and it’s HUGE!

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