“I DIE!”

Workout: 25min run and yoga. Yup, my workouts are still boring, kind of in a rut, but I’ll get out of it soon!


Sunday started out with coffee…ok, 2 cups of coffee

I haven’t even gotten to start FIfty Shades of Grey yet, but I have some free time during the week, so maybe I’ll lay by the pool and read. Instead, I’ve been going over my info and manuals for a 13-week marketing campaign I’m managing for Pedigree. Yea…here comes the tears.

My animal is being dramatic since I’m not paying attention to him...”I DIE”. Maybe he takes after me…I don’t know, all I know is he’s super crazy and a good form of entertainment.

Not sure what’s happening the rest of the day, meeting up with friends, pool…I need to eat, too. Hope you had a nice weekend!


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