Breakfast Cookie and New Books!

Workout: Run…blah blah boring. I’ve been boring with working out lately, I have a big 13-week marketing campaign coming up, so I’ve been busy with all that fun-ness


Last night I prepped a “Breakfast Cookie” that I saw Julie make, and she got the recipe from Gina, I doubled her recipe to make two cookies.. It sounded good, and I had all the ingredients, so I whipped up a couple.

I have an early work meeting, so I figured this would be perfect since it’s ready to go right when I get up!

These came in the mail yesterday, too! New books! I ordered the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and can’t wait to read them. ( I also ordered Divergent) Have you ready any yet?? I’ve heard mixed reviews, so that interested me…

In a random side note…I read this in the new Women’s Health and was surprised about what labels really mean.

Mostly, I was surprised that “Natural” and “Grass Fed” can basically mean NOTHING! I hate all the loop-holes and misleading that goes on with the government, food, and companies…not nice, it makes me confused!



  1. I did really like them.Don’t expect a REAL cookie. You can eat it with your hands an it’s not too sweet, but perfect for morning or snack

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