The other White Meat

Workout: 2mi run and 20 minutes of yoga

Pretty much the same as yesterday…so original I am.


Pork! The other white meat, was on the menu for dinner last night. Pork, roasted potatoes and roasted green beans with bacon is what’s up!

Obviously kitty was mildly excited to help make dinner.

Green beans with seasonings, oil and bacon.

Potatoes with olive oil, parmesan, rosemary and seasonings

Roast ’em for 25 minutes at 425*

Oil used on the pork, green beans and potatoes. We have this kind and the Sun-dried tomato and basil oil too! They’re delish!

Bone-less pork chops with oil, seasoning and rosemary. Seared in a cast iron skillet and finished in the oven with the veggies.

Finished (blurry) photo, I was shaking from being so hungry! Gremolata on top (parsley, lemon zest, garlic), not my thing, so I pushed it off. Everything else was flavorful, I could of eaten triple the potatoes and green beans.


Now, heading to the 12 South Farmers Market to browse and eat.


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