12th South Farmers Market

This evening I wanted to check out the 12th South Farmers’ Market in Nashville. They’re only open from 3:30-6:30p May-October. It’s a very, very small farmers’ market, and more expensive, but I liked it. I tend to go to the Nashville’s Farmers’ Market since it’s closer, really big, lots of variety, and much cheaper.

This farmers’ market is small, I think they have between 20-30 vendors, and a couple of food trucks. I wanted to see more fruit available, I only saw strawberries. It’s nice to walk around, chat, and see what all the local vendors have to offer.

The food trucks were awesome…The Grilled Cheeserie and Riffs Fine Street Food. J ordered the Tex-Mex Turkey Melt from The Grilled Cheeserie, and I ordered the Shrimp & CousCous from Riffs…they were both amazing meals…local food is the jam.

I came home with lettuce, kale chips, and flax crackers from The Raw Food Warrior. Β Figured I might as well get something different to try as a snack.

I’m glad I went and saw what they had to offer, but I’ll probably stick to the Nashville Farmers’ market since it had more to offer and more reasonably priced. I will be visiting the local food trucks more often though… I might get addicted to grilled cheeses…I love cheese!


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