Time for Spritzers.

Workout: 2mi run outside 9:28/mi pace and 30 minutes of yoga.

I’m trying to “run faster”, so my plan for the next couple weeks is to run shorter distances, but at a faster pace. I have always ran longer, but had a slower pace and I think my body is just getting used to it and it’s not changing or beneficial to my body anymore. So now, for a bit, I want to run shorter distances at a faster pace. I’m most comfortable at a 10 min mile pace, which seems a bit slow, but I’m short (5’3″) and have shorter legs but a longer torso.

Also, I’ve been craving yoga lately, so I’m doing that after my runs instead of weights or circuit training. Switchin’ it up for the summer time.

I’ve been finishing up some paperwork from my looonnng work week last week and made myself a nice spritzer to enjoy. I have leftover limes and strawberries that needed to be used up, so I threw them into a glass with sparkling water. I love me a spritzer…wine, water, whatever…but mostly white wine spritzers πŸ˜‰

Putting fruit or other citrus into water really helps drinking all the water you need when you get tired of plain ‘ol water.

In other news… LARABAR is having their first Up and Running Half Marathon Series with a 5k on August 18th in Denver, CO. I would LOVE to do a LARABAR half marathon, so hopefully this running series takes off and the come closer to me!

And if you liked my TAVERN restaurant review, or have eaten at the restaurant before, VOTE for them in theΒ “BEST BURGER”Β category.


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