Work that Molcajete, girl!

Last night was Mexican food night. After finally having some time to stock up on the grocery store, we planned some good dinners for the week. We started with roasting all the goodness for the salsa…tomatoes, poblanos, jalepenos, garlic, onions, anaheims, cilantro and seasonings.

J-dogg seeing if the veggies are done yet

Mixing the garlic into the Molcajete. Tough job.

Wine break. nomnomnom

Time to taste. Add some more lime juice and salt…MmmMmmm

The main course was shredded chicken tacos and chips & salsa on the side. I had a hard taco and mini taco salad. We boiled chicken, shredded it, then added diced tomatos, chilies in adobo, and many seasonings. We make the sour cream with natural sour cream, diced and roasted poblano pepper, salt, pepper, lime juice and then throw it in the food processor. Toppings include black beans, diced onion, hot sauce, cheese, salsa, cilantro, and lettuce.

We used a new hard taco shell tonight, we used the Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff shells. These things are legit! They stand up, they don’t crack or fall to pieces and they don’t get soggy. As a bonus, their ingredients list is short (3 or 4 ingredients) and simple, so they’re a good pick for me!


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