TAVERN -Midtown-

Last night, I went to Tavern, a cozy and socially stimulating, posh, upscale pub food restaurant. I’ve been here before, but only for their Brunch menu. Decided to give it a try last night since Wednesday is their 2-4-1 drink nights (they also have 2-4-1 drinks one Saturday and Sunday from 10a-3p…GO!) We can walked here, so that’s a bonus!

We sat outside, no wait, enjoyed drinks and amazing grub! Everything we got was perfect, and I even got to bring leftover home!

J and I started of with 2-4-1 drinks.Villa Argento Pinot Grigio for me (anyone else think it’s CrAZy how expensive wine is?!?…2-4-1’s make it a bit more bearable breaking the bank at $3.50 a glass) and a Pablo Honey Margarita for J. The margarita was so, so, so good, and he drank both of his drinks fast! I think he just liked saying the name “Pablo Honey”.

For an appetizer we ordered

“BaZOOka” Guacamole 

pistachio / goat cheese / bag of tortilla chips

It did not disappoint. It was flavorful and the pistachios added a nice salty bite to it.

 For my entree, I ordered

Junk salad 
romaine / salami / shrimp / olives / pepperoncini / hearts of palm /
grape tomato / cucumber / blue cheese / champagne dijon vinaigrett

I took the leftovers home. So good, so many ingredients and hit the spot!

J ordered 4 tacos…cuz he’s a man!

2 tacos “al Pastor” crispy pork / salsa verde / pineapple / corn tortilla

 and 2 Beef shortrib tacos Korean bbq / cucumber / cilantro

They were both good, and flavorful. There’s so many more dished I was to try off of the Tavern Menu, and will come back soon…probably on 2-4-1 nights 😉

Has anyone been here? Do you want to eat here? Let me know what you think!!



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