“I’m not a Doctor”

I’m done. done. done. done. Tonight, it’s just me, Pedialyte, Powerade Zero, bananas, crackers, and Pepto. Yup…it’s cool. I have some stupid stomach bug or something. I’m whiney and I’m being a baby.

I’m not running

I’m not cooking or eating

I’m not having any fun.

Since I feel like complete super-crap, can’t hold any food in my body and watching copious amounts of Cops (bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you…bad boys bad boys), I thought I’d share the genius things boys say…

I was laying on the bed after work…practically dying…and J makes comments such as these little treats:

“It’s not doing you any good to lay there in pain”

“Nothing I can do for you”

“I’m not a doctor”

After I plotted his death, in my mind, he got me a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade. Thanks.

I’ll be nicer tomorrow 😉


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