Austria pt. 4

On with more Austrian travels! One weekend 11 of us headed south to the Kamptal wine region to go some wine tasting at Weingut Herz We visited the Grafenegg Castle and the park, walked around Krems and ate amazing food! Of course…

Eisenboch’s Hotel and Restaurant

Grafenegg Castle

Some of the fam (sorry for the awesome pic)

Me and dad in front of the castle (again, awesome)

Grafenegg…so beautiful. The running and walking paths were awesome

Time for family wine tasting! Tastings are free, alcohol is cheap in Europe and it’s amazing!

I think we tasted between 12-16 wines, I have no idea, actually. Gruner veltliner was my fav, and one of my fav wines in Austria. The Riesling was so good, too!

Me and my cousins πŸ™‚

Soooo…how do you get wine from the barrel’s you ask?…one must suck it out. And I was volunteered for that spiffy job. One cabernet and one sauvignon blanc coming up!

Down in the wine cellars…drinking from the big taps

After these shenanigans, we ate dinner, but I was too drink for pictures (or maybe I just can’t show you πŸ˜‰ ).We ordered many, many bottles from Herz, he’s amazing. I bought 3 bottles for less than 18 euros, and they just got delivered to our hotel the next morning before we left.


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