Austria pt 3

One morning we caught the 7:45a train to Hallstatt, Austria, and spent the day there walking around. It’s south, past Gmunden and Bad Ishel. One of the.most. beautiful places, and I’m so glad I got to visit this tiny village of 900 people on the Hallstätter Sea.

Hallstatt from the train.

Taking the 2 minute ship ride to Hallstatt

Water fall from the main road

Look how small this private house is…geeesshh. Some meat factory man owns it.

When we arrived we drank some coffee, walked around a bit and then I enjoyed an Aperol spritzer and mango puree with prosecco for dad.

We had lunch at the Gruner Baum (Green Tree) Hotel. Lasagna for dad and Rostbraten (steak with onion) with potato for me 😉

That guy’s small house again.

Houses seem like they are built right on top of each other.

My new friend. Most of the outside restaurants restaurants have cats to keep other animals and mice away. Don’t worry, they’re not dirty, outside cats.

Enjoying a beverage on the lake

On 18 June 2011, it was reported that a Chinese real-estate firm intend to build a replica of the entire town in Huizhou,Guangdong province. Copy cats!

Next time, I need to bring a special someone to share it with. Dad’s cool and all, but people think we’re married and I’m a trophy wife. Go here and here if you want more info on Hallstatt, Austria.



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