Austria pt. 2

And, I’m back! Sorry for the shortage of posts…crazy traveling! I flew back into Nashville last night, and Jdogg picked me up, and I way so excited to see his face!


This is the view from our apartment, sitting out in the terrace. Mountains!

Soooo, spending time with my family (about 80-90 of my family members live here), includes A LOT of eating, drinking, late nights, long dinners, schnapps, and talks. I don’t hold back, worry about calories, or obsess about food. I just figure if I up my running to 4-6 miles 4x a week, thrown in a bit of circuit training, and I’ll be good. Also, we walk EVERYWHERE…people’s houses, town, hiking etc. Daily, we probably walk between 2-4 miles.

Day 2…woke up around 10am, after 13 hours of sleep! Oh my gawwwddd…everyone needs to sleep that long, it’s glorious! I went for a run along one of the many, many bike paths near our apartment, showered, and walked into town for some lunch with dad. We both had an Aperol Spritzer and Goulash (one of my favs).

Flowers in the city…tulips are blooming!

That night we went over to one of my cousin’s for dinner and drinks. She just finished her new house and it’s modern and beautiful!

Pool and terrace.

Watching YouTube videos

Relaxing after dinner.

The next day, I ran, and me dad and I walked over to my aunt and uncle’s house for lunch. It’s a Tuscany pork dish…mmmmmmm. I make this at home, so the the next time Justin talks me into making it, I’ll share the recipe.

. The next couple days were spent visiting and walking around downtown Wels, Austria. Look at my dad’s cremeschnitten and little milk! šŸ˜‰

For dinner, one evening, we went to DaVinci and got gnocchi, pizza, and dumplings…along with alcohol duh.

And, no, we couldn’t eat it all, but seriously Austria has THE BEST food.

Since this post is long, I’ll be back soon with more Austrian updates! Cya soon!


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