Austria pt. 1

I wonder how many “parts” blogs I will have on this trip,,,probably a lot.

Hey from Austria! I’ve finally arrive to my motherland, only a little bit of a delay in Amsterdam (don’t go to Amsterdam! ahhhh!). Also, had a layover in Detroit, so headed to the Delta Sky Club/Crown Room and fueled up for the flight with snacks and booze.

Flight over to Europe was great. Easy, Smooth. Had chicken, salad and wine for dinner, followed by some reading and movies.


When we got to Austria, even though we’re beyond tired, we have to drink, and visit for a couple hours. I was greeted with beer and a schnitzel 😉

Oh yes…they best food in the WORLD is Austrian food. After dinner, went back to our condo and slept for 13 hours! OMG is was sooo nice, and I needed it. Woke up, went for a run, and got ready to walk around the town. Enjoyed some goulash, aperol-spritzt, and coffee before shopping.

Now, I’m enjoying a Zipfer beer on our terrace, and getting ready to visit some more family for dinner…be back soon to share more pics!

(photo courtesy of dad being sneaky)



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