Easter Recap

Saturday was “Cream Puff Makin’ Day”

Melting the butter!

Since the dough is so sticky, I have to use 2 spoons.

They puffed up! I made 2 batches…1 for dad’s Easter, 1 for mom’s Easter

Filled with vanilla cream, vanilla custard, and chocolate pudding…ready for eating.

Sunday morning started with Easter Brunch at Dad’s. Overnight french toast, spinach quiche, ham, roasted potatoes, roasted parsnips, salad with goat cheese, cheesecake and cream puffs!

Brunch Punch!

Sibling tats! Dinosaur tattoos were hidden in the eggs!

After a few hours, it was time to head over to my mom’s house for Easter dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans, veggie trays, rolls and cream puffs!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and spent time with family! I am flying to Europe tomorrow, and will keep you updated as much as possible!


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