Shopping Trip!

Now…my shopping trip details! I love clothes, I love shopping, but I don’t get to take time and go to the mall very often. If I shop, it’s usually online. I worked at a corporate office for an apparel company for many years, so I did all of my shopping at their sample sales, and still have SO.MUCH.CLOTHING. 

Justin and I headed to the mall since I had to “work” there (aka put up posters in certain stores for the marketing company I work for). Surprisingly, Justin spend 2.5 HOURS in Buckle picking out some amazing stuff! Of course, I helped put together the outfits, but he has always had good taste. Then, it was my turn for some retail therapy at EXPRESS and Nordstroms.

Goodies from EXPRESS…

This shirt in Liquid Grey and Ivory

(all pictures from EXPRESS site)

Goodies from Nordstroms

(all pictures from Nordstrom site)

Everything was on sale, and I had an additional 15% off coupon from EXPRESS, so I did pretty good 😉 I’ll post some pics of me wearing everything too!


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