Protein Meals

I woke up this morning to some cuddling on my arm. Why, why, why won’t you let me sleep in, kitty? You’re so cute I can’t be mad…

I sooooo wasn’t feeling like a workout or run this morning, but knew it was one of the only free mornings I have this week, so I figured something is better than nothing. I was able to manage a 42 minute slloooowwww jog while catching up on The Walking Dead (I’m hooked!), and 10 minutes of stretching. It was just one of those blahhh workouts, but I’m glad I did it. Remember…

I refueled with a Citrus Kombucha and a vanilla protein smoothie (vanilla whey protein, ice, unsweetened almond milk, ice). Simple, Easy.


After some cleaning and hanging around the house, I was hungry again. This time…eggs and bacon. A weekend staple.

After I devoured this meal, I realized I must have been craving protein for some reason…today has been PROTEIN PACKED!Β Dinner will definitely include some roasted green beans and baked sweet potatoes to get some veggies in my diet.

Tonight I will be making Sunday Dinner and probably relaxing, watching the ACM’s.

Anyone else watch The Walking Dead?


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