Map My Run

Up early and got my workout done before it got too hot! I’m not used to the 80s! Nashville skipped right over 60 and 70 degree weather!! When it is hot and humid, I am not a treat to be around…FYI

I ran my usual Music Row route and then a circuit workout…mmmmm nice and sweaty by the end.

(Warner Brother’s Music on the right) My bf thinks I STOP and take pictures during my run, ummmmm no I can run AND take pictures.

(Image from iMapMyRun app on my phone)

I’ve been using the RunKeeper app on my iPhone for awhile, but I find that it isn’t very accurate, so I switched to the iMapMyRun app and it seem perfect. RunKeeper>iMapMyRun. I need a Garmin, but this will do for now…I’m not rich yet!

Since I was a sweaty, pretty, beast after my workout, I needed something cold. So, by process of elimination of what’s in the fridge, I opted for a chocolate protein smoothie.

(Unsweetened almond milk, chocolate whey protein powder, superfoods blend, ice)

Now…off to work! Be jealous.


Any other running apps to try??? Let me know…pwwweeaaasseeee!


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