St. Patrick’s Day Recap

Started off yesterday morning with a quick run and 40 minutes of Yoga. I’ve been feeling pretty tight the past few weeks, so I needed some strength and stretching incorporated in my workout. I do yoga every once in a while, and I am usually left pretty sore the next day

ANNNNNND today I’m sore!

Coffee in my GREEN mug!


After the workout and shower, we got ready to head out in Nashville for some St. Patty’s Day shenanigans. 😉

I’ve never spent this holiday in Nashville, I’ve always been in Columbus or Cleveland for the crazy-ness. Nashville St. Patty’s Day was ok, we had fun, but it’s not the same as Columbus, Cleveland or a college area.

Justin and I met up with friends at TAVERN for 2 for 1 drinks and brunch to get us started and fueled for the day. We ordered mimosas to share and eggs to eat. Then, we were conned into sharing an order of their S’mores dessert to split between the four of us…

I want this at my house! So fun!

Next, we headed to Losers on Division St to start with our first beer.

(yea, I’m representing Ohio State! Got a few O-H…I-O)

(Craig and Nicky)

Then we headed to Demonbreun St to bar hop from Tin Roof, Red Rooster and Dan McGuinness Pub

(Tin Roof and Justin’s “hawk”)

(my first GREEN beer and “Nice Shamrocks” pin)

(me and J)

It was busy, filled with lots of people and cops! We live in the central area, so we can walk and don’t have to worry about driving around with all the crazies!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day filled with green things and beer! hahahha


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