Mexican Family Time

Yesterday morning I completed a 40min run, while watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore (don’t judge, it’s the best mindless entertainment hahahaah!)

Following my run I did the following full-body workout

4 Rounds of:

5 Burpees

20 squats

15 crunches

20 jump squats

40 mountain climbers (OMG)

Have fun with that…


Last night we were celebrating my brother’s job promotion to his new title as Senior Product Engineer (he’s only 26!!!) So proud! We had a Mexican themed dinner, made by our older bro. There’s 5 siblings, I’m the 2nd oldest. Age order: Michael(chef), Jodi (me), Daniel (job promotion!), Kelsey(student), Connor(student).

Michael picked up all the goods, and me and mom helped him a bit.

(Daniel taking creep-tastic photos with my phone) and Michael cooking, looks like he is making mom clean up already!

Family dinner time!

The goods…fajitas, potatoes, veggies, rice, taquilla and beer!


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