Month: March 2012

Lunching on a Saturday

It was already hot in Nashville at 9am, so I had the genius idea to run outside instead of inside on the treadmill. Genius. I might be being dramatic, but 75degrees and 81% humidity will do that to me, but I made it through my usual Music Row loop, and finished a body weight circuit INSIDE!

(100 workout I found in Pinterest, I omitted the 10 minutes of running) It took me 18 minutes to complete, legs were shakin’

I refueled with water, water, tea, and an ICE COLD SMOOTHIE!

It’s a really nice day out, and even though we have plenty of food in the house, we wanted to walk around outside and eat outside.

We headed to 12th South neighborhood, because we wanted to try a new BBQ place, but they were SOLD OUT of brisket…WHHHHAAATT? Oh! the horror! The only bbq I like is brisket and ribs, how could they be out? After I pouted, we walked a bit down the street and sat outside at Mafiaoza’s. I wanted everything so I decided on a little sampler of small plates…meats & cheese.

Ohhh yea…we be cool sitting outside πŸ˜‰

We had a few errands to run after lunch, now we’re back home and relaxing before dinner time! This is the first Saturday AND Sunday that I have had off work in a long, long time. Feels so good πŸ™‚


How’s your Saturday??



Sitting Outside at Yazoo Brewery

Yesterday evening was the perfect temperature outside, so I just had to find somewhere to walk and enjoy the weather. We sat outside at Yazoo Brewery, enjoyed some of their spring brews and had a snack.

Such a nice view and it’s sunny πŸ˜‰

We enjoyed a couple spring brews…Hommel Project and Rye Saison. Light and refreshing spring beers.

Snacking on roasted pecans (Justin’s hand!)

I love sitting outside, and try to do it as much as I can. We were sitting outside, at Yazoo, for over 2 hours!


I got home from work today around 4:30p

My typical household. Oh hai mom, I wusnt doin nufin!


Nashville Craft Beer Week

The FIRST Nashville Craft Beer WeekΒ is taking place March 26-31, 2012.

It will end with the grand finale, the East Nashville Beer Festival, on Saturday. They are featuring craft beers from 55 breweries! If you were lucky enough to purchase the now SOLD OUT tickets, I hope you have an amazing time!

Nashville has so many local breweries and it’s such a great idea for the community. There are events, promotions and tastings going on all week. I’m a big fan of IPA’s, so I’ll be on the lookout for new brews that I have not tried before.

I’m gonna head over to Yazoo Brewery tonight to join the festivities. They will be featuring a couple of their spring seasonals along with food trucks!

If you’re in Nashville or the surrounding areas, check out the websites and try to join in on the beer fun!


Sorry about the no-blog-post thingy yesterday 😦 I was swamped with work crap, but I was able to fit in a run (hot & sweaty) and some workout circuits.


Last night we make a meatball recipe that is AMAZING…it’s our ‘lil secret.Β I can tell you that it consists of quality ingredients, homemade marinara sauce, ricotta and LOVE πŸ˜‰


J-dogg prepped the sauce in the morning, and it simmered away for about 10 hours…mmmmm

Getting all the goods ready to prep, mix and assemble the meatballs. We make about 4oz meatballs cuz we like ’em BIG!

They bake in the oven and then they’re ready for eating! Meatballs, simple marinara sauce, ricotta, fresh herbs and parmesan.

We invited some neighbors over to help us eat 15 if these. We watch TV, chatted, and drank some wine πŸ˜‰ These are the most flavorful, moist, and tender meatballs EVER! We’ve only made them 3 times, but I have never been able to find good, quality meatballs so I prefer to just make them myself.

Now, excuse me…I have 8 balls left.



Do you like meatballs?


Know anywhere to get good ones?

Marcella’s has the best meatballs, and our meatballs are based on theirs.

Productive Sunday

I saw the Hunger Games last night! Of course the book was better and filled with more detail, but the movie was great and did a good job of telling the story! I dug it.

Anyone else read the books or see the movie??


Hey guys!! How’s the weekend?

So far, it’s been a productive and fun Sunday. I had to do some marketing work this morning, but it didn’t take too long, so no biggie. Today has been filled with…coffee, work, coffee, run, circuit workout, laundry, food, shower, relaxation!

Annnnnnd, surprisingly, Justin wanted to run with me this morning AND I got him to do one round of a circuit workout. I had a bit of satisfaction from seeing how EXHAUSTED he was…heheh. I’m proud of him, running hills is not easy, but at least it’s been a perfect-weather day. I felt like a personal trainer today πŸ˜‰

We refueled with Vanilla-Banana smoothies for 2!

1 frozen banana

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp of real vanilla extract

handful of ice


Nice and cold…perfecto!


Do you workout with a partner or by yourself?

I tend to work out by myself, but, about once a month, I workout with a friend or family member. I prefer to be by myself, but it’s always nice to change it up a big and the time goes by quicker.