I am SO excited! Bethenny Frankel is launching even more Skinnygirl Cocktails!

Bethenny Frankel is launching EVEN MORE Skinnygirl Cocktails!

I am a huge fan of hers…love her recipes and her Skinnygirl line. Bethenny and Jim Beam are launching wine and a Skinnygirl Vodka line of cocktail…here’e a preview…

The Skinnygirl Wine line will include a red, rose, and blush. “There is a selection of red, white and rosé varietals, made from California grown grapes, and each serving is only 100 calories—15% lower than most other brands.”


The Skinnygirl Vodka line will include Bare Naked, Island Coconut, Tangerine, Cucumber.

Plus a new ready-to-drink cocktail, Skinnygirl Pina Colada.”The Skinnygirl Vodka line is everything I love in a vodka: smooth taste and vibrant flavor, but light on calories.  And the Skinnygirl Pina Colada is a natural fit with all of our other ready-to-drink, guilt-free cocktails.”


I’m pretty excited to try ALL!


Yeaaaaaaa B! You can follow her on Twitter for all the latest.




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