100 Workout

Yesterday’s workout was a 3 mi run plus a 100 workout that kicked my butt.

I found quite a few workouts via Pinterest that interest me, so I’m looking forward to changing up my bodyweight workout after runs.

I refueled with strawberries and tea while I finished up some recap paperwork for work!!! (like my little heart candles??)

I had an event last night until 12am. I only had to be there for a couple hours, so I was able to have a whole, free day until 10p.

Lunch was leftover turkey burgers with eggplant fries dipped in homemade pesto mayo (Yes, I am lucky Justin is a great cook) 😉

We went to see Safehouse (ummm Ryan Reynolds AND Denzel Washington!). LOVED IT!

After the movie, we stopped by Broadway Brewhouse for some drinks and tacos. Sam Adams Alpine Spring and Texas Tacos (two corn tortillas loaded with smoked beef brisket, jack cheese, lettuce and tomato with diablo salsa and sour cream on the side.)for both of us! AMAZING.

Then I was off to work for a bit.


Slept in today, which felt wonderful. Relaxing and reading in bed. I think dinner will be Risotto! Stay tuned.


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