My Valentine’s Day

V-Day was a couple days ago, but it was a good one 😉 I’m not too into Valentine’s Day, or expect all of these fantastical things, but I do like a day specifically to tell people in your life how much you love and care about them. Of course, if J didn’t acknowledge it at all, I would be sad 😦

I also got some love-texts from family and friends.

I woke up to cupcakes and tulips on the counter, and I was so happy to see!! Tulips are my favorite flower. I gave Justin Champagne Vinegar and Cabernet Vinegar to cook with.

I had to work until 8p so we figured it would be nice to eat some Mexican food and have a margarita together once I got off work.

After dinner, we caught up on some shows, perfect Valentine’s Day. Hope everyone got some LOVE!


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