Patron Social Club Event

Thursday started off with a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill. Not too fun, but all I could squeeze in before my full day of work.

Thursday eventing was a dining event for the Patron Social Club. The Patron Social Club is a FREE group for tequila enthusiasts that gives the members exclusive cocktail recipes, special event access, plus ideas for entertaining. They hold dinners around the USA and provide winners of the club entry and they enjoy free drinks, amazing food and entertainment all evening. I was in charge of the production and execution of the event. Which means, I am one of the people who makes it run smoothly, but also able to enjoy beverages and amazing food.

All day was spent setting up the space at The Pinnacle building in downtown Nashville.This space was simply beautiful with a stunning view…and it was transformed into an elegant dinner space for the guests.

Complete with Patron TequilaΒ to make great cocktails, courtesy of Mixologist Chris Capaldi.And AMAZING food. The food was created by Chef Jeremy Barlow of Tayste and Sloco in Nashville, TN.

MenuPhotographers, Ryan and Paul taking photos for the website

Behind the scenes of an exclusive dinner

It was a LONG day, I didn’t get home until midnight after packing up everything to be shipped back to NYC. I did get to take home some floral arrangements and some Reposado Tequila πŸ˜‰I’ll be sure to post the professional photos when they’re up on the company website!


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