Whiskey Kitchen Review

I absolutely LOVE Whiskey Kitchen in The Gulch area of Nashville, TN. It is described as a ‘tavern-chic spot that serves up gourmet pub fare, an extensive spirits menu in a stylish, lively environment”, and they offer lunch, dinner, a late night menu and extensive drink options (lots of Whiskey!). They are a part of MStreet, which includes Virago, Kayne Prime, Whiskey Kitchen and Tavern in Nashville, TN.

I have been to Whiskey Kitchen so many times, and I have never had one bad experience. The bartenders, especially Riley and Mike, are awesome, friendly and make it fun. I tend to dine there on Tuesdays, which are 2 for 1 drinks. Last night my 2 for 1 drink of choice was a glass of Pinot Grigio, and Justin had a New Fashioned (Old Forester Bourbon with apples and cinnamon), which is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned. They soak their cherries in bourbon for a week! So good.


We shared their spinach and artichoke dip (fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, 5 artisan Tennessee cheese).Β It was so good! Β I know, not so healthy, but it’s all about balance and it was needed!

I have tried many dishes at Whiskey Kitchen, including Steak Frites, Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries, Triple Dip, Nacho Nirvana, The Aristocrat chicken wings, Rocket Salad, Kayne Prime burger any many other bites of friends meals. The only downside is that this place can get SUPER BUSY. If you arrive after 5p you will probably have to wait, but that’s a good excuse to try a new libation at the bar!


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