I have a kitteh…AND HE’S AWESOME

We’ll get to my animal in a sec 😉 Yesterday, I woke up and did a 45 minute run on the treadmill to get nice and sweaty and then it was time for eating!  Yesterdays breakfast was a greek yogurt bowl with 0% greek yogurt, kashi golean crunch, pumpkin and cinnamon sprinkled on it. Quite tasty.

For lunch, me and the boy toy went out to Ru-Sans for some sushi. I always get their $2.00 rolls. You get 3 pieces per roll, so I picked 3 (hamachi, tuna and scallops)

Sooooo, I have a cat. Technically his name is Leo, but he is called many, many things. His usual names include: kitty, fluffy-butt, fluff-head, crazy, zombie eyes and fluffy-face. I LOVE him, he’s my baby boy. I think he is between 2yrs old and 3yrs old. He was a rescue cat, someone dumped him and the vet needed someone to take him or he would have to be put down, So I HAD to take him.  He’s awesome, crazy, annoying, loving and special all at the same time.He’s basically my child…


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