Rosepepper Cantina review in Nashville, TN

Friday night, we headed to a new restaurant I had never been to before…Rosepepper located in East Nashville. I opened in 2001 and it has both a restaurant and bar atmosphere. They boast “Sonora Style Mexican” cuisine and award winning margaritas. Now, I LOVE me some Mexican so I was more than excited for chips, salsa and margaritas! The atmosphere was cool, well decorated, fun and they have over seventy varieties of tequila!

We arrived around 6:30p and it was BUSY, guess that’s a good sign, no? We were told it would be a one hour wait, which was fine because it was Happy Hour and we could hang and chat at the bar. So off to the bar for a $5 Casa Margarita. Their margaritas are “”Nationally Recognized Award Winning” made with only tequila, triple sec and lime juice. They were good, but I would of preferred more tart lime flavor.

We were also greeted with chips and 3 salsas! One of my favorite things is chips and salsa, no joke! There was mild (a sweet tomato salsa), medium (a green tomatillo-chile-cilantro-onion) and a hot (spicy, smokey, roasted red chile). My favs were the medium and hot.(bad photo alert!)

We ordered another round of margaritas before being seated, and to my horror, I noticed they were making the margaritas with Rose’s lime juice…what?what?what? 

Margaritas should be tequila, citrus liqueur, and FRESH lime juice (maybe some club soda to lighten it up), but no fake stuff…ahhhh! So we asked if they could be made with fresh lime juice, and the bartender was more than happy to replace the fake stuff with real lime, but it cost us $.50 per margarita..oh well, it tasted MUCH better to me, I like tart better than sweet. Then closing out at the bar showed we were charged for 5 margaritas…ummm we only had 4. The bartender was confused, and said that she already ran the card and we would have to drink another one since she already charged us…geeeshhh lady, drunk much?!!

Anywho, we were seated and looked through the menu, I was H-U-N-G-R-Y! I picked the Al Carbon tacos (three carne asada soft, corn tacos with onions and cilantro), which sounded fresh, fresh, fresh to me! The serving was HUGE…I ended up taking more than half of it home with me, probably because I ate my weight in chips and salsa! hahaha. We shared the last margarita and you know I was feelin’ good and I was not driving!Overall, besides some grumpy employees, it was a fun, first experience. I want to come back and enjoy more menu items and a couple margaritas…with fresh lime juice. I’m a big fan of East Nashville and was to come back often!


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